Sunday, June 20, 2010

So alot has been going on.....

lets see............ Andrew ended up with his third concussion had to come home early from the Ken Lantzy football camp, Bill had pretty extensive shoulder surgery, as part of my "testing" i stopped taking Krill oil over a week ago, and i feel the effects. Andrew IS okay. and was able to head for his trip last night to New Orleans to board a cruise ship for the next week. Bill's surgery was a success and he is being a relatively good patient. but i never realized how much Bill does do around the house, cause now that he can't, i sure miss him. All the kids have been great helping him too. And well today I am back on the Krill oil. They say that Krill oil really helps with PMS symptoms, and it was Patti that brought that to my attention. and when i started thinking....... it was true the two months that i was on Krill, i did not have a migraine during PMS time, and actually didn't feel any of the noticeable moodiness, irritability, bloating, and migraines. guess what, this past week, had a migraine, and today just a day before my cycle should be here, increase body aches and major fatigue going on right now...... yuk!!!
Oh and i can't forget the stupidity of the last time i went hiking, it has been a few days now..... but it was the absolute hottest most humid morning this summer, i was hiking about 2 miles when it hit me........ my insides got so hot, my muscles felt crampy, felt dizzy, nauseated, and even went through the motions of throwing up..... nothing in my tummy to come up, and since the lapband didn't even have the stomach acid contents. I always drink 20oz of water before my hike, take water with me, and usually i eat a handful of nuts or my protein shake........ DIDN'T do any of that... this has been the first time i ever even thought about somebody going and getting me a car to pick me up.......... i slowed my pace, and i did make it back to the car....... i am pretty sure i was suffering from a little heat exhaustion. i slowly drank water until i drank about 40 oz. i ate a banana, and ate a few potato chips, i even drank some Gatorade too..... rested for a while, took a tepid bath...... it took several hours before i started to feel back to normal. So i told Chris and Katie.......... " I WILL NOT HIKE IN SEVERELY HUMID WEATHER AGAIN " and i will not be so stupid to not drink water in the process.
Well i have a busy day today........ have to go to the office to clean, going to hang with a dear friend moving to Arizona on Monday........ and then my other dear friend, may be stopping by to see me this afternoon.........
Have a great weekend

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