Thursday, June 03, 2010

I can't believe it

Day 3 no added sugar went very well,.... and there WAS temptation, and it was all my fault...... i brought extra creamy dark chocolate to put in the candy dish on my desk.......... and i truly did not have any!, at one point i was getting stressed dealing with Insurances and prescriptions for a patient and i reached over absentmindedly grabbed a chocolate, and then i put it right back down. and didn't think about the candy too much after that.
This morning i noticed i had a little headache, and was slightly dizzy. i told Christina during our hike that maybe it was with drawl from being on the third day without added sugar.... i still have my Raspberries which has 7 grams of sugar,
i know a lady that brags about eating O grams of sugar, and as she is telling this she is chomping on two banana's........... ummm, banana's ave about 35.5 grams of sugar per medium banana. Fruits have natural sugar...... hell sugar comes from a plant ........ Sugar Cane...... i am not diabetic, but as a nurse, my diabetic Pt's fruits were limited.
.......... well anyhow, so i should not say Sugar FREE days, but no added sugar days...

I continue to feel great, as i said briefly as noted above, i started out this morning feeling a little off balance, and a mild headache....... but twenty minutes into my walk, my headache sorta disappeared, and hasn't returned. I continue to add more hills to my routine, i can't seem to walk fast....... my feet and legs just won't do it... so i rely on hills to work my heart rate...... and i notice that my heart rate recovers almost immediately once i make it to the top of the hill. what i may do.. as do 10 second sprints, then take two minutes at regular pace........ and do this for 15 minutes or so. (*like Johnny showed me)

well i am tired, long day at work, came home and started doing a Chicken in Rotisserie, i should be in bed by midnight......... my first 'baby boy graduates tomorrow.......... I'll post later

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