Monday, November 14, 2011

--->>> Energy <<<---

I am determined to believe that I am "feeling" more heat because i have truly increased my Cardio. I have been doing perfect with the weight training. So i will talk with my trainer today, i mean he has been "encouraging" me to pick up the Cardio, I love being outside hiking, and power walking. But indoors, it just takes so much to get on the "wheel", yeah, i feel like a little hamster running on the wheel to no where!!! yesterday after getting back from shopping and cleaning my office, I would have normally sat down and chilled and napped. however... i decided to go on a hike at my local spot. Bill went with me, and you can tell it wasn't where he wanted to be! I felt good doing it. It looked like Winter, the leaves bare. i am definately more incouraged working out because of the fitbit. And after getting my first complete report (yes i ordered the premium :) the benchmark shows that in the Activity department compaired to all the 44ish year old obese females My Activity Level is in the 99th percentile., and 78th percentile including all women in my age bracket all body sizes. and i stay in 78th percentile when i chose females all ages all sizes....... damn that is good :-) and i am proud. i am still a big girl...... and i feel and move like a young woman. i truly feel better physically now than i did in my twenties.... today is a gym day. and i will get to work early to do at least 30 minutes of intense Cardio before i work out......this will keep my heart rate kicking way beyond the work out. have a great day folks

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Patti's Parlor said...

Those are great stats dearie!