Tuesday, June 21, 2011

two hikes, it's been awhile

it's been a while since i've been out hiking with Christina, so i guess today we did two, before 11'oclock!! it was good to get out there, hoping to go tomorrow morning before work. thursday is the gym, friday is going to be busy... going to Pittsburgh for my Lapband appointment, taking Katie, Chris and Jeanine out for Lunch, and stopping at REI for a new pair of sunglasses. Saturday is a gym day again, and Sunday is the Long hike for me and Bill, think we are doing an 8 mile hike that ends with a climb up a fire tower. they say the view is spectacular....... hmmm, maybe my camera will work... if not i'll take my old kodak.. haven't decided if i will get a lapband fill or not? I need to make sure i am getting enough calories to stay healthy with working out this much/ it is going on 18 months without any adjustments. I will keep you posted on what my decision is.
Have a wonderful day today......

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