Friday, June 17, 2011

Drop SIX..........

yup the other night at WW i dropped 6 lbs, or i should say 5.8 lbs....... i've been plugging away, and not giving up. in the past 5 weeks i've dropped 14.4 lbs... so i assume that my body will hold on for a few weeks, and i will continue to eat right, continue to work out and continue to do my Cardio Hike and not focus on the number...... i've been doing this for 4 years, so why stop now :0). I just know that i promised my Angel Melody and never looked back :0) and have enjoyed the entire wonderful journey.
i'll chat more later, have a very very busy week-end, a graduation party, a birthday party, a training with Rudy, and a Hike.... plus it is my weekend to clean the building........
and i am still happy :0).

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