Wednesday, June 08, 2011

3 days a week

for the last 6 weeks i was working out with a trainer twice a week. last week i started 3 days a week. . . . and even though the scale is slow, i do notice my tone has greatly improved on such a short time, and pants that I could not pull up to about 2 inch above my knees, after just a loss of just 11 lbs lately, i can pull them up and button them ( breathing is optional, and overrated anyhow) I am so strong and feel so good. sadly the last two weeks I haven't had time to get in hiking, as every available free moment I've had went to helping Bill get his mom to transition from living alone to moving to an assisted living personal care home. Luckily though her home is right next to the "ghost town trail" so I can bike 10 miles, then visit Gerry :0). Bill and I are also planning our hike for Sunday, like we started doing every weekend before all this happened with his mother. It is so great being married to a spouse that has the same likes and goals, we are having a blast at the gym and hiking.
Oh PS Weds evening are my anything meal, wonder what Bill will bring me home, he always brings home something yummy for dinner and a dessert.......... so i have something to look forward to.
Have a wonderful day

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