Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Check UP

so it has been over 2 years since i last went to my family doctor, I've had apt with the doc that did the lap band but that is it....... gee i remember 4 years ago, going to my doctor on an almost weekly basis being so sick with stomach and lung issues.......... wow, a life time ago!!! Everything is good, and i had my labs drawn, so i should hear back soon. I had told them that i was fasting..... but just before they took my blood, i remembered that i drank a 1/2 cup of coffee with one serving of flavored creamer. Bill has been bringing me my coffee in bed since I started try drinking it 6 years ago. (one cup a day) that was at 530, and blood was drawn at 930. they took the blood anyhow, and they don't "think" it will affect my Cholesterol numbers, or my fasting glucose........ we shall see. lately i noticed that when i stand up quickly that i get dizzy.... and then i recover, either i am experiencing orthostatic hypo-tension, or maybe i am not drinking enough fluids in comparison to my working out. I will keep an eye on my blood pressure, and although i take just 1/4 th of the dose i used to take for my blood pressure, i may be coming to the point that i don't need that either. today i plan on going for a power walk/hike for about 4 miles, and tonight is weight watchers. tomorrow is the gym..... and this weekend is going to be so busy, with graduation party, birthday party, a work out with Rudy, and a hike, plus i have to clean the office this week.......... gee.......... weekend is looking busier than the week days.
make it a great one folks

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Patti's Parlor said...

I usually have one cup of coffee at 4 am when I do fasting blood work (around 7). I use cream with liquid steevia. I don't think makes much difference.
You sound BiZZy bIzzY.