Friday, October 28, 2011

I am learning..........

Poor Patti, i really should start to blog again, it was theraputic for me, and it kept my friends updated on my life. I guess facebook is just quicker to jot down little nibs of my life. however i have been blogging for so long...... maybe i should start again. of course i had to change the look and the Blog Title. . . . As i get older, i am learning to do just what my title say's ...... I am enjoying the journey, oh the journey isn't always smooth and easy. but every moment in my life matters...... even the not so good days, i am learning to play in the rain, i have learned to not get crazy cleaning the house when company comes. i am learning that it is okay to have a bad day. I am learning that i don't have to please everyone. I am learning belonging to a church, doesn't make me closer to God, as i am finding out that I just couldn't be closer to Him out on the trails. I am learning that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. and if i want to be known for my strengths, i am sure everyone else does too. i am learning that those really grumpy people that i run into, are really hurting and it isn't personal. I am learning to draw strength from my trials and tribulations, instead of letting my trials and tribulations pull the strength from me. I love my age, i love being 44 i don't wish to be younger, nor do i wish to be older. i just know that I love my life at this very moment. I will try and make an honest effort to blog again, not just for Patti, but for me....... so we shall see....... enjoy your very own Journey

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Yippee ey ay
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