Saturday, October 29, 2011

Making the best out of it

well we had made plans to go to Gettysburg for the weekend, complete with a Ghost tour, and dinner at the Historical Tavern the Dobbin House. Bills sister from South Carolina had also planned to go with Us.... well the weather put a little nitch in the plans, BUT i must say it was a beautiful day. Workout with Rudy, and then home to enjoy the fireplace, Holiday soup and my family. Right now i think i have 7 teenage boys here well a few 20 year olds too. Bill is sleeping and i just came into my bedroom to get some peace :-). No matter what I must have done something right, Kid still like hanging here, and i will enjoy every second as i do realize that before i know it, another "season" will hit my life and the kids will have lives of their own. I am really hoping to get a hike in tomorrow even if it's my local trail at Conemaugh. and I HAVE to start keeping track of my food to make sure i am not eating too much or too little..... i'd like to start this tomorrow.........
Have a blessed day

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