Friday, May 07, 2010

Gettysburg fieldtrip

This is One of the photo's i took while at Gettysburg yesterday.... i loved this tree, underneath the tree you can see the cannons, the original ones used several decades ago!!! I could only imagine well over 100 years earlier, a soldier sitting and leaning against that tree, humanity's blood soaked deep into the roots below. Bill and I have to go there, so many places to walk, so many steep hills to climb, so much history!!! They have done a wonderful job keeping things as they used to be, you do not see skyscraper hotels, and actually there are very few hotels in Gettysburg, the farmlands have stayed just that, you don't see Subdivisions, Housing plans, or Condos. they kept the rocks in the same place, they keep the wild grasses the same.
I have been to Gettysburg several years as the school nurse, and i must say this was the best year by far, our tour guide, which is the luck of the draw, was marvelous. and she asked the teacher if we wanted walking? or riding the bus? well we chose walking.....

And walking we did, She actually had the bus drop Us off in one location, at the "bottom". and she had the bus go park at the highest peak in Gettysburg ( little round top). Per my pedometer, it was about two miles. we ended going off the beaten path, I definitely could have used my hiking boots, as there was a lot of climbing over rocks and boulders. and the majority of the walk was up hill, the further we walked, the stronger i got..... and i was quite proud, if you didn't know me, and know that i've recently lost alot of weight, i still look like this over weight, middle age lady, the last quarter of a mile, when others were starting to really feel the walk..... me the only one with a 25lb back pack on...... * all the nursing stuff, bottles of water etc., started to pass people, my legs felt so powerful, and i noticed my leg muscles with every step. OH i was hot, and sweating, and breathing deep. but i noticed several VERY thin moms, not weighing more than 120lbs, having a VERY difficult time. and then i realized you can have a normal BMI and be very unhealthy, or you can have a BMI that puts you in the "obese" category and be physically fit. Don't tell me different. the BMI chart does not take into account you Muscle mass. a square inch of muscle is heavier than a square inch of fat :-).

I did very well eating, well sorta, i didn't have time to do my shake in the AM, but i packed my food for the day...... my lunch......... salad made with mixed greens,tomato's, grilled chicken hard boiled egg, and 1.5 TBS. of Italian dressing made with olive oil, and red wine vinegar, a individually wrapped low fat cheese and Greek yogurt with fresh berries. Dinner for me, i got a grilled chicken wrap, took 50% of the wrap away, had another yogurt, and another low fat cheese. i drank just there alone, 7 glasses of water. So all in all, i think i did okay......oh yeah and i had some chocolate :0).

well i better get going, gotta get my shake made, go grocery shopping and go to work...... looking forward to the weekend ........... it's gonna be a busy summer.

One week and Vacation here i come


Patti's Parlor said...

You are just plain awesome.
Love ya g/f.

Kellie said...

I totally agree with you about the BMI. I used to be able to work circles around the skinny mini's at the hospital even going up the stairs instead of using the elevator but in their eyes I was still FAT. I sure wish I could do that now but that is a different story. LOL Hope you enjoy your Vacation!!!!! YOU Deserve it DahlingK!