Tuesday, May 04, 2010


it has been a busy week, our company left last night, and they were wonderful people to have around... they were wonderful guest. They have a two year old son, whom is absolutely adorable, and i am missing him already. they expected nothing, and actually the "mom" spent most of the day at her homestead sight sifting through the burnt remains of what was once called home. I just seem to find myself feeling tired, and not sure why..... but on Sunday morning i slept in until 8:45 am, i NEVER sleep in that late. don't know why but i am up before 7 am, but usually get up at 5:45 am, even on the weekends. I know i missed my breakfast shake a few days....... but that shouldn't do it.
I know that my friend's parents are lucky to get away from the fire with their lives. HOWEVER, they need to be given the time to grieve the loss of their home. they lost everything, and aren't getting much to rebuild. it must be hard to be 70 and starting over again.
... i can't even begin to know how they feel.........
I have a very busy week this week........ don't think i get a day off until next weekend. and Thursday is a 16 hour field trip as the school nurse. i'll get alot of walking in, and i gotta plan on packing my lunch for the entire day.... including my breakfast shake Patti and Christina :).
Well i gotta get my butt moving........ blessings to all.

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