Thursday, May 13, 2010


I think i am addicted to Hiking!!! Christina and I have been going every morning around 7, 7:30 am, we do 4 to 4 and 1/2 miles. we are mixing up the path, sometimes we do a few steep up hills, sometimes we take a path that has more down hills..... once i return from vacation , I'd like to Hike a longer distance on a weekend. Chris laughs at me, i put the heart monitor on, that transmits to a watch, i put my pedometer on....... set it, take my fanny pack or back pack make sure i have my first aid kit, my mace spray, my knife, my phone, my blister kit, my water....... AND THEN I AM READY TO GO!!!

I am feeling "FREAKING" awesome, i notice it is taking more and more exercise to get my heart rate up, my recovery after doing even the bitch hill, is just seconds, next hill, my heart rate jumps up again, but recovers almost instantly. my legs are getting so strong........ my blood pressure is getting low..... *in a healthy way. I wasn't planning on going for the hike tomorrow, as i have to be at work early, so i can come home to pack, and get ready to leave. BUT i just have to get out there on my little mountain. This morning as we were getting ready to hike up Bitch Hill. The Bald Eagle flew directly above us, did a loop and swooped past us one more time...... beautiful........ "i love my Eagles", a little over a mile into the hike we were talking and we both heard a very short, fierce grunt growl......... we both stopped, started walking, and heard it a second time. I gave Christina the phone, i pulled out my mace, and "THE KNIFE". and we proceeded with caution, we were looping around the river, and i originally planned to swing around and take the trail on to the top of the hill. I did not feel comfortable.... i can't say I was scared, but it truly sounded like something was warning Us to stay away.... so that is what i did.... i figured, I'd take the brunt of the "bear" while Christina called 911, and in the mean time i'd try and use my mace and my knife LOL....... it was all good!, and along the River, we came across a Red Tail Hawk, a Falcon, and I think Christina almost stepped on a goose she came so close to it before it took flight........... and all of this happened in an hour's hike :-).
The picture above, is a small field surrounded by is at the top of this hill, Christina insists it is the meadow from Twilight, and she keeps waiting for Edward to appear.... keep waiting Chris.
Well i have a long day tomorrow, and Katie and I have alot planned to get ready for our Beach Trip. already figured out a few hiking trails in the South Carolina State parks
Have a good day, and i hope to blog while i am at the beach....
Many Blessings to All,

Me :)


Patti's Parlor said...

I could just imagine you and your knive vs a bear. No, I'm not laughing................much.
I need to get my lazy butt to PA and go hiking with you guys...... if I could keep up!
Have a safe and fun trip and think of my while your walking on the beach.

Kellie said...

I am hiking with you in spirit you know! I would love to be able to do that. Some day once I get things fixed and patched up I will be able to do something like that. I used to hike our Oak Openings State parks all the time when I was younger. Love reading about your adventures. Have a Blast on your vacation. Love yuns!