Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter in Black and White

Yesterday Bill and I went on a short hike at my favorite spot. i took a few pictures but this is my favorite.
I am learning that i do not have to go on a day hike everyday, or even a two hour hike...... i can make it 40 minutes and make it intense for a great workout. I love hiking in the winter, the air is so fresh, the silence is so loud, it wakens every cell in my body and i feel so good.
I have been so busy lately, and i do not get many days off. babysitting two days isn't difficult but it does take my time. and working at S'eclairer has absolutely no stress, but i do spend many hours there. and even the one day i clean, isn't hard and once i go and do it, i think that it really is an easy job too. it's just know that it is something i have to do, and making up my mind to go and do it is the issue.
Health wise, i am doing really well, and hoping that the combination Lapband and Weight Watchers will help me break this very long and healthy plateau. for instance this is how my Lapband helped on Thursday. A drug rep from work on Thursday brought in Chinese food for Us, she called ahead and new about the healthy options, so i measured out the chicken and broccoli and a 1/4 th serving of Veg Lo mien and i accounted for the points. i ate it slowly and it was wonderful........ BUT then i got a little piggish and went out and "picked at " a few more bites. my lapband would not allow that, and i was reminded to stop eating........ sadly it did get stuck and i did have to make a trip to the restroom, to "lose" the food that i tried to over eat.
This journey is still so much fun for me, and it's going on 4 years, and i am still not bored yet, i am forever trying to find ways to stay motivated, supported and accountable.
Kids have been here all weekend, along with their friends, i am loving that. and i love that they want to be here..... so much peace!!! and the kids feel it too.
I was able to talk to my Dear Friend Patti from AZ. this weekend, that was a bonus. actually i was speaking with her just before i went and during the first part of the hike. it was funny because i noticed i was able to talk with her quite well during my first hill, and then i looked over at my husband who came with me, he was out of breath....... i had spring to my step, this has been the first time in our marriage that i am stronger and in better shape than him, i teased him. he laughed... he's a great guy, he said he'll start walking with me when Chris can't. it was icy, and coming down the very steep what is known as "bitch hill", i slipped and fell, or i should say i slipped, did a split and fell, i bounced right back up. Bill was worried, but i must say i was proud. here i am, almost 44 years old, still have 75 more pounds to lose .. and i was able to get up off that ice like i was a teenager. no bruising, no pain, nothing... :0). well it is time for me to get my butt moving and figure out what i am going to make for dinner tonight.
Have a wonderful week.

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