Thursday, January 27, 2011

7.5 lbs in two weeks :0)

As i've mentioned before, I am almost done with the 3 year study in Pittsburgh. I will still have two more visits annually to check things. So i decided to join WW with Christina, because we all know the buddy system is a great support. And i miss the weekly and bi weekly support i was getting when i was in the Lapband study. Another good thing is Wednesday meetings are about 3 miles away from my work, so i leave work and go there. so it isn't like i am home and need to build up to leave for the meetings. Finally WW isn't just about calories, they realize that the body metabolizes different foods in different ways. 2 oz of Chicken breast causes a change reaction in the body far different than a 2 oz piece of chocolate cake. Some faithful weight watchers are upset because now the "junk" food uses more value points, and healthier foods have less points. I really like the concept. I also enjoy the WW etools, i was used to CK, and my WW is easier. however in CK defense, haven't been on it in 1/2 of a decade, so things can change.
Regardless, i've lost 7.5 lbs in 2 weeks, and knowing that i go back next Weds, it keeps me on program. Still in the honeymoon phase of WW, so we shall see. I am loving how the lapband works with me, and how it also is helping me control portion sizes.
I am busy, but not in a stressful way. monday and tuesdays i watch a little girl. weds, thurs, fri i work the office sometimes 10 hr days. and sat or sun i clean the office. Sam is back in school Katie and Drew are back in college. NOW To get Bill back to work after his surgery. he is doing great though, i just miss having some mornings to myself :0). next week it should be light enough that when i take Sammy to school (mon, wed, fri) i will go directly to the track or the trail and do a brisk 30 minute walk at the very least. I am reminded i don't need to do the two hour hikes everyday to seek physical benifit.
Well i am going to get going, i'll try to keep up with the blogging.

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