Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I need to ......

......blog a little more often :0). Things are going well for me as i am so content with my life. I am content at work i do not mind going, and when i am at work i am content coming home as i enjoy being here too! what more could i truly want in my life. The kids are growing up so quickly. Sammy has his permit to drive. Katie and Drew have adjusted to college life just fine, and actually Katie is missing it during this week of school break. Thank goodness she went to visit her Aunt Gail and cousins in Oregon. this is the first that she has been there since her Cousin Alex was killed three years ago. I truly think this will be a good thing for her, an act of closure so to speak. Katie always had a special bond with Alex although he moved there when they were five. He was her first best friend.
Well, winter is getting weaker, and Spring seems to be picking up strength, the sounds, the smell, the feel is definitely spring. I don't mind either so it is all good. but this does make beautiful hiking weather, and i am looking forward to getting out on my bike soon. I continue to enjoy my WW meetings, its a good thing to add that accountability as my time is dwindling down for the Pittsburgh study. I did make an appointment for my lapband as it has been over a year and a half since i've had an adjustment. it is also a year an a half since i've had a major weight loss jump. in the last three years i have never really increased my weight, and i feel so awesome. I dropped a bunch of weight and then it's like my body got happy at this weight and is being stubborn so to speak. most of the time this does not bum me out, as i cannot put a time frame on Life. and i am living... learning...... growing.......
Well i should get going, i have to get ready to go and babysit. i babysit a little girl on Monday's and Tuesdays. work the office weds, Thurs, Fri . and usually clean the office Sat or Sunday.... i do miss having a day off to go on a long hike, or a day off just to be at home.... but, before i know it June will be here. and my babysitting job will be gone.... i don't want to rush time, so i won't complain.
have a great day,

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Patti's Parlor said...

Yes, I agree, blog more often.
I hope Katie has a wonderful time.
I miss you g/f.